Mea Shearim/Meine Videos/Sukkot

Die Mea Shearim Street an Chol HaMoed (Zwischenfeiertagen) von Sukkot 2015

I walked from Shivtei Israel Street up to Kikar HaShabbat. The video includes the entire Mea Shearim Street (Jerusalem) on Chol HaMoed (Intermediate Days) Sukkot 2015.
I apologize for the video coming out a bit dark from time to time. The reason is that Mea Shearim Street is pretty dark. 🙂
The Mechitzah (gender separation) at the beginning of the video can only be found around the Toldot Aharon Synagogue and the entrance to the Mea Shearim market near the Breslover Synagogue. Otherwise, there was no Mechitzah!
The pamphlets on the ground are against Rabbi Steinman (Bnei Brak) and against those Haredim who join the Israeli Army (IDF).
It was a quiet walk, as you can see and no one was offensive or bothering me in any way. This needs to be pointed out, as there is so much slander going on against Mea Shearim.

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